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Mental Health 5K Course Description

Eastern State Hospital

Mental Health 5K Course for 2012

Start and finish lines at end of parking lot by Eastern State Hospital swimming pool.

Left from Moncure onto Foster.

Right from Foster onto Schmidt.

Stay on Schmidt. Once the runners pass Minson, they must stay in the left, outgoing lane, all the way to the parking lot on the left just before Ironbound Road .

Take a left into the parking lot entrance for a clockwise loop of the perimeter of the parking lot, using the concrete curbing as the turning points. The one mile mark will be in the parking lot corner closest to the Eastern State Hospital sign at the Ironbound Road traffic light.

Exit the parking lot in the far lane (closest to Ironbound Road ), then immediately move to the left lane of Schmidt for the return route. Again runners must stay in that left-hand lane, to avoid contact with the slower runners still going to the parking lot loop. This includes the curve in the road on Schmidt, staying on the outer half of Schmidt around the curve.

Left from Schmidt onto Minson.

Left at end of straightaway of Minson (with cross country field on the right) onto the gravel road for a couple hundred yards, then running a clockwise loop of the back property of Eastern State Hospital .

Back onto the asphalt road (from the gravel path) to complete the abandoned Hancock Geriatric Center loop, making a left, a right, passing the 2 mile mark, another right, and a final right to complete the loop, before making a left back onto the main Minson Road straightaway, passing the gravel road entrance that started the loop.

Left from Minson onto Schmidt for return route to finish line.

Left from Schmidt onto Foster.

Right from Foster onto Moncure.

At the left-hand curve on Moncure, around the fire hydrant, will be the 3 mile mark.

Finish near the start.


The one mile fun run will start at the 5K finish line, and use the same course as the 5K run (Moncure, Foster, Schmidt) to a turnaround point near the intersection of Minson and Schmidt. It will finish at the 5K finish line.


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